Ever since Facebook started supporting 360 photos and video, the immersive technique has gained popularity. 360 photos allow viewers to see every angle of the environment either by using the smartphone’s gyroscope or touch interface. Although you can view 360 photos on Facebook, you’re limited to capturing horizontal panoramas, leaving the sky and ground out of the picture. Here is an easy way to capturing 360 photos using only your mobile phone.

1. Download the Google Street View App available on Apple and Android.

2. Click on the camera + icon on the bottom right corner. Three menus should pop out. Make sure to select “Camera.”

Click this icon and select “Camera.” If you have a external 360 camera, you can also link it with the app.

3. Follow directions and “Point the camera at the dot.” Be sure to move slowly and smoothly. Keep doing it until it tells you that it’s done.

Slowly move the circle and align it picture by picture.

4. You can now view your awesome 360 photo. If it didn’t turn out so well, do it again. Tap the photo once and click on the share icon to the right below the orange banner. Select “Share Privately.”

Click here to get the menu to come up.

5. You have the option to post it directly on Facebook or save the image on your phone. You can then upload it or edit it on your computer.

This will save the 360 photo in your Photo Library.

6. Transfer the photo from your phone to your computer.

You can send it via Airdrop or email it to yourself.

7. Upload your 360 photo on your website. Click on “insert content” after creating a new post. After uploading it, click on the little pencil icon to see your photo information. You should see the URL. Copy the URL.

8. Use the following code to embed your 360 photo.

“[vr url=path-to-photo.jpg view=360]” (Without the quotations and replace the “path-to-photo.jpg.” with your copied URL)

“Publish” or “Update” to make changes.

You should now have your 360 photo embedded on your website!